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The European project PROBIS is financed by the European Union in the framework of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme under Call 65/G/ENT/CIP/13/N02C021. The general objective of the project is to promote bidding through innovative solutions aimed at increasing energy efficiency and sustainability of European public buildings.

In this way, the project intends to break the following barriers:

  • Lack of knowledge and expertise in contracting authorities.
  • Lack of (or wrong) incentives for contracting authorities.
  • Lack of coordination of the procurement strategies and policy priorities, as the public procurement on numerous occasions is from a legal and administrative point of view, and not linked to objectives and political strategies.
  • Fragmentation of demand and lack of critical mass.
  • Difficulties to involve innovative SMEs in the processes of public procurement.



UEThe European Commission calls on public procurement bodies to submit high-quality proposals for collaborative, cross-border projects, on the format of “buyers’ groups” of innovative solutions – PPI PILOTS -, that improve the economic framework conditions for innovation and thereby contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

In more concrete terms, the European Commission calls for project proposals that clearly demonstrate how public procurement bodies will act, during the project, as launch customers for innovative goods or services which are not yet available on a large-scale commercial basis.

Proposals have been submitted at following three areas:

  • Clean vehicles and vessels and related mobility devices excluding information and communication technology (ICT) solutions;
  • Sustainable construction;
  • More efficient use of raw materials, including recycling.

The PROBIS project is working under the Sustainable Construction’ sector.
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