Objetives and results


  • Position the partners as ‘intelligent customers”.
  • Identify and address any barriers of procuring innovation, especially in specification and contracting.
  • Build capability and competence across partners through the process of procuring innovation, covering in particular on Market engagement, Specification development, Approaches to evaluation of innovation in selection and evaluation of tenders, Managing risk and insurance requirements related to innovation.
  • Completion and monitoring of at least four Procurement Actions.
  • Deliver new innovations.
  • Disseminate findings and outcomes widely across Europe to encourage and enable other public authorities to undertake public procurement of innovation.



  • Identification of common functional and performance needs, based on pilots. A market dialogue will be made, supporting the fair and open participation of industries and SMEs in suggesting innovative solutions for building energy and environmental renovation.
  • Tender functional and performance specification and award criteria will be developed and in WP5 a legal review on PPI and elaboration of PPI tender rules, contract schemes and documentation will be made.
  • Coordinated or joint tender will be launched and awarded, and innovative solutions implemented in the 4 pilots with monitoring of results. Beside these actions EU construction procurers will be involved in a Construction Buyer network to involve them in PROBIS activity, provide training, and invite other procurers to start their own PPI based on PROBIS outcomes.
  • During the project, Public Procurement Innovation PPI Guidelines and recommendations will be developed to be widely disseminated at EU and local level.



  • Procurers: the involvement of this group is essential to the success of the project as they are the ones responsible for designing and managing the procurement process for building.
  • Specifiers: in many public authorities the specification of building solutions will be prepared by technical experts outside of the procurement function. These actors will influence the type of specification (input/output/outcome/performance) as well as determine relevant technical requirements and standards.
  • Decision Makers: this group will provide the enablers for the public procurement of innovation and will also sanction the final purchase of the innovative outcome.
  • Suppliers: supply side actors will respond to the procurement requirements of public authorities, proposing the combination of technology, financing and services to meet the specified need. They will also be investing in the research and development of new innovations which public authorities may not be aware of.


DURATION: 3 years, from November 2013.

BUDGET: 2,410,907.18 € EU Funding.

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