Procurement forum

Procurement Forum

The Procurement of Innovation Platform is a one-stop online hub for procurers, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders interested in public procurement of innovation. The Platform provides free access to the latest developments, tools, case studies and guidance, the Platform also enables collaboration, sharing and learning through an easy-to-use collaboration forum.

The Procurement of Innovation Platform is considered as one of the communication channel of the PROBIS project. On this Platform a public group has been established under the name of “Sustainable Construction Interest Group”.

After registering on the main website there is a possibility to joint to this group and being part of the community of interested building professionals. The interest group involves different stakeholders working on or interested in gaining a better understanding of innovation and sustainable procurement in construction. The group is about sharing knowledge, information and expertise and to host discussions related to these topics. Being a public group, documents/information of a confidential nature should not be shared.

The Sustainable Construction Interest Group is hosting and considered as the buyer´s group of the PROBIS project. All interested professional who registered on the different national events got an invitation to join to this group. Those who just learned about the project activities and would like to join to the Interest group can either register via online, by signing up under the following link: or they can also send an email to

The main benefits of joining the Sustainable Construction Interest Group:

  • the opportunity to discuss and learn about the recent developments and news related to the innovation of sustainable constructions and procurements
  • members are able to exchange ideas and practical experience with others
  • group members can benefit from the work on the technical state of the art of innovation and eventually participate in early market engagement activities
  • receiving the latest information on relevant events, seminars, workshops



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