More than 40 European experts from public suppliers, technology experts, public bidders and political experts have participated at the Final Conference of the Probis project “Innovation Procurement for Building into Practice” from PPI concepts to tender’s technical specification, held last 16 November in Turin, Italy.

The Envirornment Park S.L and the City of Turin organised the Final Conference of the Probis Project Supporting Public Procurement of Building Innovative Solutions, a European project financed by the European Commission with more than 2 million budget, funded under the CIP call Enterprise- 65/G/ ENT/CIP/13/ N02C021 of the European Commission.

 The event was held at the Open Incet, Via Francesco Cigna 96/17, 10155, Turin, Italy last 16th of November 2016.

The PROBIS Project aims to promote innovative public procurement among European public purchasers. The project, which contributes to more efficient and effective public services to facilitate the access to ultimate innovative technologies, is aimed at increasing energy efficiency, incorporating renewable energy systems and increasing the sustainability of public owned buildings.

The PROBIS project ends after a three-year period where it has fulfilled its main objective, to promote innovative public procurement among European public procurers, by adopting  PPI in the tenders specifications of public buildings, to consolidate a low European economy in carbon in the field of sustainable rehabilitation of buildings and to achieve more efficient and effective public services by accessing innovative technologies that increase energy efficiency and incorporate renewable systems. Thanks to this policy, it is expected to achieve a significant energy savings as well as environmental improvements and the strengthening the sustainable construction and rehabilitation market. This sector activates in Europe 2 trillion Euros a year, approximately 19% of European GDP.

During the first session of the conference related to the Probis’ PPI tenders: results and lessons learnt, the different participating experts presented the experiences carried out by PROBIS partners in actually designing PPI technical requirements and contractual models, as well as the transferrable results of the project for further development of EU PPI strategy.

The working methodology followed in the four pilot public procurement projects developed under the PROBIS Project has been explained: an office building and the Turin Police Station (Italy), a group of 54 apartments Social housing in Treviglio (Lombardy, Italy); an office building in Miskolc (Hungary); and a group of 27 apartments social housing in Börlange (Sweden). These pilot projects are based on a consultation procedure at the innovation market sector, and therefore open to any European entrepreneur through a market participation event in each region, and at European level by webminar market events.

During the Second Session, a round table “Sharing Knowledge for Future PPI Initiatives”, took place, which focused on the novelties introduced by the New Public Procurement Directive 2014/24 and the lessons learnt from practical implementation arising from the interesting experiences from PROBIS Procurement of Building Innovative Solutions project, PAPIRUS Project (Public Administration Procurement Innovation to Reach Ultimate Sustainability) and BRICKS (Building Refurbishment with Increased Competence Knowledge and Skills) project challenging the future development of Public Procurement of Innovation in Europe, contributing to the fulfillment of the H2020 objectives concerning the promotion of low carbon economies and the sustainable construction’s sector in Europe. In terms of innovation, the European Union has proposed to increase investment in the R & D sector to 3% of GDP by 2020, creating 3.7 million jobs and increasing GDP by € 795 billion by 2025.

At the public event, experts have shared conclusions concerning the development of future PPI initiatives taking into consideration an open debate on the challenges and opportunities of the PPI at the sustainable building sector in Europe.

Probis project’s members.

The members of the PROBIS- Supporting Public Procurement of Building Innovative Solutions consortia participated at the International Final Conference of the Project, jointly organised by Environment Park SpA as project coordinator and the City of Turin. The meeting counts on the participation of experts from IREN Energia SpA, the European House Ambrosetti, the Region of Lombardy and ALER, all partners in Italy; the Andalusian Energy Agency and the Andalusian Institute of Technology, in Spain; SP Technical Research Institute for Innovation, the Municipality of Börlangue and the company Tunabyggen AB as partners in Sweden; and Miskolc Holding Local Asset Management Plc and the National Research, Development and Innovation Office as partners in Hungary. The project also counts on the collaboration of ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability’s European network.

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