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Meeting Seville PROBIS


Seville, 11th July 2016

The Andalusian Energy Agency organised a Training Seminar on Public Procurement of Innovation address to public buyers. This event will be an important opportunity to know in detail the juridical, economical and technical implications on public procurement and the application of the Directive 24/2014 on Public Procurement.



PONENCIA: “Concepto, sentido, objetivos y perspectivas de la Compra Pública Innovadora”, por D. Juan Antonio Carrillo Donaire, Catedrático de Derecho Administrativo de la Universidad Loyola Andalucía. DESCARGAR

PRESENTATION: “Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI): Concept, scope and objetivesDOWNLOAD

PONENCIA: “Compra Pública Innovadora: Normativa reguladora y procedimientos de contratación”, por D. Manuel Mesa Vila, abogado especialista en contratación pública y Profesor Asociado de la Universidad Loyola Andalucía. DESCARGAR

PRESENTATION: “Public procurement: regulatory policy and public procurement procedures“. DOWNLOAD

PONENCIA: “Aspectos técnicos de la Compra Pública Innovadora: El pliego de necesidades técnicas”, por D. Juan Antonio Carrillo Donaire y D. Ricardo Arjona Antolín, profesor asociado de la Universidad de Sevilla. DESCARGAR

PRESENTATION: “Innovative Public Procurement: Technical Aspects“. DOWNLOAD

PONENCIA: “Cómo afrontar los problemas derivados de los costes en la Compra Pública Innovadora”, por D. Manuel Mesa Vila y D. Juan Carlos Gómez Guzmán, consultor de costes y precios de contratos públicos. DESCARGAR

PRESENTATION: “How deal with the problems arising from the costs on public procurement of innovation (PPI)?DOWNLOAD

TALLER: “Problemas del gestor de CPI en la redacción de los pliegos y el contrato en la CPI en el sector de la construcción sostenible”, conjunto por D. Manuel Mesa Vila y D. Juan Antonio Carrillo Donaire. DESCARGAR

WORKSHOP: “Problems of the PPI manager when drafting contract conditions in the sector of sustainable constructionDOWNLOAD

TALLER PANEL: “Programas públicos de ayuda en materia de Compra Pública Innovadora a nivel europeo”, por Laura Babío de Pablos, abogada especialista en Derecho Público y Sector Energético, socia en Sdep & Carrillo Abogados. DESCARGAR

BOARD: “Public Aid Programs in Innovative Public ProcurementDOWNLOAD

TALLER: “Experiencia de éxito en Compra Pública de Tecnología Innovadora:

Sestao Berri 2010 – PAPIRUS: Soluciones innovadoras en ejecución de construcciones sostenible, por Olatz Nicolás, Coordinadora proyecto PAPIRUS y Ana González, responsable jurídica de Sestao-Berri 2010. DESCARGAR



Tecnoport 2025 Puerto de Sevilla: por Antonio Jesús Torralba Silgado, Catedrático de Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Ingeniería Electrónica de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería.




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Meeting Andalusia PROBIS


Seville, 27th September 2016

The Andalusian Energy Agency organized the Second Training Workshop on Public Procurement of Innovation address to the Construcion’s Buyer Network. This event will be an important opportunity to know in detail the procedure of Public Procurement of Innovation from the preparation phase, the approach between demand and supply of innovative technology, the definition of the object of the contract, the preparation of tender documents and functional specifications, the announcement and the tender, the procurement procedure in its various stages, to the execution of the contract and the monitoring phase.

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Meeting Hungary


SZENTENDRE , Hungary, 28th September 2016

The initiative also aims to strengthen innovative domestic enterprises in connection to the EU initiative aimed at increasing the demand for innovative and sustainable building construction solutions and enhancing the successful participation of innovative SMEs in related public procurements, the National Research, Development and Innovation Office organised a professional forum in Szentendre, in the framework of its innovation services.

In addition to its portfolio of competitive calls, the NRDI Office also offers services to strengthen the cooperation between innovative SMEs and organisations planning the public procurement of new technologies, by for example promoting the exchange of experience. The speakers at the event, which was attended by nearly 100 participants, including local government representatives and construction industry experts, presented how the methodology of the public procurement of innovative solutions can be applied to the innovative reconstruction of public buildings. They also presented practical experiences gained from completed similar projects (such as the ÉMI Construction Knowledge Centre in Szentendre, which hosted the event) and European best practices relating to such public procurements. The forum also provided an opportunity for participants to discuss possible ways to reconcile current Hungarian regulations on public procurement and the proposals of the EU initiative on the public procurement of innovative solutions.

The audience could learn in detail about the Supporting Public Procurement of Building Innovative Solutions, PROBIS project which aims to create a practical framework that promotes the application and marketing of innovative construction solutions and products, primarily in respect of the modernisation of public buildings. The consortium, comprised of Italian, Hungarian, Swedish and Spanish organisations, is preparing four demonstration projects which focus on the utilisation of innovative solutions relating to environment protection, energy efficiency and renewable energy, with a total budget of EUR 4 million. One of the projects, based in Lombardy, is already in the phase of selecting the winning bidders for the renovation of two public buildings.

The demonstration project of the Hungarian party concerns an investment relating to the energy-efficient building reconstruction of the central office of Miskolci Vízmű Kft. The preliminary notice about this public procurement was published in August in TED, the EU’s public procurement portal. The aim is the procurement of innovative technical solutions which offer an alternative for better performance, better ROI, lower life cycle cost and up-front costs, and better energy class.

The National Innovation Office, which was the legal predecessor of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, joined the PROBIS project in 2014 by assuming mainly coordination and information tasks. The institution covers the related costs from a direct funding of HUF 27 million (EUR 90,000) received under the European Union’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) which aims to promote the marketing and spreading of innovative products in public procurements, among others by creating groups comprising institutions and local governments procuring innovative solutions for projects implemented in the form of cooperative cross-border networks in the framework of Public Procurement for Innovation (PPI) procedures.

More Info: http://nkfih.gov.hu/the-office/press-releases/nrdi-office-event


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