Final Conference Papirus Project

The Andalusian Energy Agency shared the results of the European project PROBIS on innovative public procurement in the field of sustainable construction

The Andalusian Energy Agency, entity attached to the Regional Ministry of Employment, Business and Trade, has participated in the Final Conference of the PAPIRUS Project (Public Administration Procurement Innovation to Reach Ultimate Sustainability) organised by the Tecnalia Technological Corporation on 29 September 2016 at the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao. In this event, the PROBIS Project, which aims to promote innovative public procurement among European public purchasers, has been presented.

The Andalusian Energy Agency participated in the final round table which put into value the advantages of innovative public procurement for public authorities, through the experience of the PROBIS Project, which contributes to more efficient and effective public services to facilitate the incorporation of environmental and social criteria in public procurement and access to innovative technologies still under development, aimed at increasing energy efficiency, incorporating renewable energy systems and increasing the sustainability of public owned buildings, promoting a European low carbon economy in the field of sustainable rehabilitation of public buildings, leading in the medium term to both energy savings and environmental improvements.

During the conference, other experiences were presented in innovative procurement and attendees had the opportunity to learn the results of several European projects, also funded by the European Union, related to this matter. Thus, the experience gained under the PAPIRUS project, based on the Public Procurement Administration for Innovation and Sustainability and the BRODISE project, on Brownfield decontamination in degraded industrial land in Southern Europe, were explained.

The PAPIRUS, Public Procurement Innovation to Reach Ultimate Sustainability project, financed by the CIP Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme, which aims to promote, implement and validate innovative solutions by applying a new procurement process, based on the search for materials characterised by almost zero energy consumption in the rehabilitation and construction of buildings in four pilot projects in Spain, Italy, Germany and Norway.

The meeting also capitalised on the results of BRODISE Brownfield Decontamination in degraded industrial land in Southern Europe which aims through pre-commercial public procurement systems to research sustainable alternatives for the treatment of contaminated and degraded soils. The project includes a series of pilot projects in the Zorrozaurre area of Bilbao (Spain), the Italian city of Trieste and the Portuguese city of Seixal, and is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union.

In this sense, during the final conference, the representative of the European Commission presented the financing opportunities for innovation addressed to companies and public administrations in the framework of the European Horizon 2020 Program for the years 2016 and 2017.

As a conclusion, the conference highlighted the importance of a more flexible timeframe for tendering procedures, training needs concerning contractual matters required by public bidders in applying new public procurement systems based on dialogue with the market, and the need to support a greater participation of technology companies in innovative public procurement procedures currently being implemented in the European Union.

The PROBIS project

The PROBIS project counts on the participation of the Andalusian Energy Agency and the Andalusian Institute of Technology, project partners in Andalusia; and Environment Park SpA as project coordinator, the City of Turin and the company IREN Energia SpA, the company European House Ambrosetti together with the Region of Lombardy and the company ALER as partners in Italy; the SP Technical Research Institute for Innovation, the Municipality of Börlangue and the company Tunabyggen AB as partner in Sweden; and Miskolc Holding Local Asset Management Plc and the National Innovation Office as partners in Hungary. The project also counts on the collaboration of ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability’s European network as dynamizing entity of European public purchasers in the sector.

PROBIS, approved by the European Commission with more than 2 million budget, is funded under the CIP call Enterprise- 65 / G / ENT / CIP / 13 / N02C021 of the European Commission with 95% in regard to the accompanying costs and 20% of the costs of the pilot project to be developed.

Final Conference Papirus Project

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